If you know the basics PCA you probably know that PCA is computationally extensive. This article gives an intuition behind all the extensive mathematical calculation behind PCA. Let’s dive deep.

A simple way of computing PCA of a matrix X is to compute the eigenvalue decomposition of its covariance matrix…

Here’s a bunch of Interview Questions asked on Principal Component Analysis

  1. Explain the Curse of Dimensionality?

The curse of dimensionality refers to all the problems that arise working with data in the higher dimensions. As the number of features increase, the number of samples increases, hence, the model becomes more…

If you are pursuing Computer Science, probably you must have come across the notations of time complexity.

There’s not a single technical interview round that’s not going to question you on running time complexity of an algorithm.

The time complexity of an algorithm is the total amount of time required…

Support Vector Machine” (SVM) is a supervised machine learning algorithm which can be used for both classification or regression problems.

SVMs are particularly well suited for classification of complex but small- or medium-sized datasets.

We’ll talk about some Interview questions related to SVMs.

  1. Explain SVM to a non-technical person.


Alekhyo Banerjee

Data Science| Data Analysis| Data Visualisation| OOP|Python|C Second-Year Undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering at RCCIIT,Kolkata

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